Monday, October 21, 2013

Easier Life with Google

For quite sometime now my friends and acquaintances have preached about Google. Well components of Google, like Gmail, Google Plus and calender to name a few. I would look at the thing they spoke so highly of and open an account to be "there" with others. I have in the past 6 months or so really gotten into Google as a whole. I first added a Google email account to my cell phone and wow it made life easy because I could check email on all my computers and not have to think what computer it it downloaded to. Then I replaced Drop-box with Google drive and life became better because Google is so light weight it freed up resources on my cell phone. I then sought out other ways to simplify my world and started using Google calendar and I was able to link with the office calendar and double bookings stopped right away. I started disliking Facebook with all the changes and info harvesting and the program was getting heavy (using to much space and resources) on my cell phone. Now I replaced the bulk of my Social media posting to Google plus and am slowley leaving Facebook. Now I use Chrome on all of my computers and its so much faster and safer than MS IE. So now I am a Google lover and I spread the word about the time saving and resource savings. We have a chrome book and it is so much easier to use and if you lose it or crash it... no worries everything is on the cloud. I cut my sermon short so you can get to Google as soon as possible.