Saturday, November 30, 2013

smartphone security

I use a smartphone for my business. I process credit card transactions with it, I deposit checks with it as well as store contact information on it. For so long we thought of our cell phones being safe. With data mining being a Billion dollar business and cell phones being our computer of choice for everything we do. We take it everywhere and tell the world what we are up to by using it to mass communicate. No wonder all these companies and our government wants access to it. I was using +avast! Antivirus on my +SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 and am very happy with it. I chose to use my subscription to +Panda Security to protect my cell phone as it is a simple way to make my life easier. I was very happy to report that +avast! Antivirus did a wonderful job of keeping my phone safe and bug free because +Panda Security found nothing after it scanned. I am trying to keep myself safe and all the information I am in charge of as safe as I can.